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Bavarian Staff
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Bavarian Staff
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Joe Entrekin, bought his first German car, a '71 BMW 2002, in 1973. Because of the remoteness of service, and the subsequent dissatisfaction with the service that was available, he took on more and more of the service and repair of his own vehicle. This continued through several other BMW's. In 1984, a local attorney asked him to solve a brake problem with his ’79 528I, which he did. That led to the complete refurbishment of the car. The attorney was very happy with the work, and soon Joe was taking care of another BMW of his, then a couple of Mercedes. The attorney told his friends, so pretty soon Joe didn’t have any spare time anymore. It became evident that Joe was being called from his engineering job to a new career to offer top quality service and repair of German cars.

Bavarian Mechanic Works was born in the spring of 1989 servicing BMW only. Later Mercedes was added, and now, Mini Cooper, VW and Audi as well.

Today Bavarian Mechanic Works has an unmatched commitment to the repair and service of your car. Our technicians are well trained and up-to-date, and our shop is well equipped with current factory level equipment for diagnosis, coding and programming of the sophisticated electronic systems on your car. We also have the necessary special tools and equipment to do mechanical repairs properly. We keep training and information resources up-to-date through both co-operative independent industry groups such as (charter member), bimmertech, minitech, IndyBenz, and the Automotive Service Association (ASA), and through OEM on-line information subscriptions.

In addition to our high technical standards, we subscribe to exceptionally high business ethic standards,too. We treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated should circumstances be reversed. We take the necessary time to do thorough analysis of your car's problems, and strive to give you comprehensive estimates of what we think is necessary for a quality long-term repair. Unlike many automotive repair businesses, our company policy forbids low-ball quotes to get you in the door, then up-selling you the additional work that would have been in a comprehensive estimate in the first place.

We also don't "oversell" service and repair work, making every effort to keep your car serviced the way it should be for long-term reliability, or repaired properly - no more, no less. Our overall goal is to service and repair your car for the best possible long-term ownership experience for whatever length of time you care to keep it. After all, we don't sell new cars, so we want to keep you happy with the one you've got, however long that may be. If this sounds like the kind of service and repair business you want to deal with, please give us a call for an appointment. We'll do our very best for you!

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